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Fabrics wholesale and cut

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  Our main activity is wholesale of fabrics. Wholesale already from 1... Подробнее...

Atlas stretch

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Atlas stretch is used for sewing: blouses skirts dresses (including wedding dresses) New delivery... Подробнее...


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Attention! Our showroom has relocated!

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Outlet dress

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Together in the New Year !!!

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Camouflage fabric Tafetta Camo PU



The name of the fabric: 190 Taffeta PU 2000 Camo
Article fabric: ELN-006
A group of fabriccamouflage, coating fabric, fabric for workwear

Composition: 100% nylon
Roll width: 150cm
Fabric density: g/square meter
Manufacturer: China
The presence of tissue in a warehouse in Moscow: Yes

Detailed description of fabric

Tafetta (Тафетта) is the General name of synthetic fabrics, made from the finest fibers of nylon or polyester. Taffeta Camo fabric PU 2000 is made of nylon and covered with a waterproof layer of polyurethane (PU) water resistance 2000 mm water column. This fabric does not prevent air exchange processes, that is "breathing."
Marking 190 (190Т) in the name of the fabric shows its strength and density. *T (Tex, Texture Element) is a unit of linear density of material (g/km) related to the thickness of the fibers. Tissue density 190Т is high-strength materials.
Tafetta camo has a smooth surface, is light, wear resistance, high strength, protects from wind and moisture.
Colour of fabric made in kamuflirovannaya style.

The use of cloth

Camouflage fabric series Tafetta (Tafetta) is perfect for almost any products, operating in the street. First of all, this fabric is used for sewing jackets, windbreakers, raincoats and other outerwear.
Coloring under camouflage allows you to use the material when sewing clothing, clothing for active rest, tourism, fishing and hunting. For example, jumpsuits, trousers, shoes, headwear, including with the use of a backing material and / or insulation.
Another direction of the fabric application – production of tents, sleeping bags, awnings, tents, awnings, as well as knapsack and bag products.

Fabric maintenance

Series fabric Tafetta wash at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees. Spin normal. Ironing is permitted to a temperature of 110 degrees. Also allowed normal dry cleaning. Dry cleaning and bleaching is prohibited. It is not recommended to dry the fabric with washing machine.
After washing fabrics dry quickly, retain their shape and color.

Buy fabric wholesale in Moscow

The company Elkotex a wide range of camouflage fabrics. We are engaged in wholesale deliveries of fabrics from a warehouse and under the order. In a warehouse in Moscow there are miles of different fabrics pletena, compositions, textures and colors designed for sewing a wide spectrum of textile products. Please note that this is only a fraction of tissue located in the warehouse.
Our managers will gladly help you to choose the most appropriate for your purposes tissue. Also for your convenience near the office in Moscow-equipped show room with samples of the most popular fabrics. In a quiet environment you can choose exactly what you need.


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