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Atlas stretch

03.09.2020 |
Atlas stretch is used for sewing: blouses skirts dresses (including wedding dresses) The new... Подробнее...


03.09.2020 |
                   ... Подробнее...


02.09.2020 |
NEW DELIVERY is expected in the second half of September   EURO... Подробнее...


01.09.2020 |
  Dear Customers!   Recently we received a container with P/Fleece! Please, contact our... Подробнее...

Attention! Our showroom has relocated!

26.07.2019 |
    WE HAS RELOCATED!   In 2019 we has relocated to a NEW... Подробнее...

Outlet dress

13.02.2018 |
                     ... Подробнее...

Together in the New Year !!!

23.11.2017 |
  The new year is just around the corner! Hurry up... Подробнее...


25.07.2017 |


01.06.2017 |
  Attention!!! From 01th of June we are swithcing to Summer hours of... Подробнее...

Dear Clients!

27.12.2016 |
  We are sincerely want to congratulate You with coming holidays!May... Подробнее...


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«ELKOTEX» company was founded in 1991 and nowadays is one of the leaders among the importers of fabrics from Europe and South-East Asia to the Russian market and the countries of former USSR.

This year our company is celebrating the 25-th anniversary. We hope, that we will celebrate this event, cooperating with our partners from Russia and the former Soviet republics, as well as from foreign countries.

During these years we have made efforts to strengthening of our positions on the textile market and to win our clients confidence. The offered variety of fabrics is very popular among the growing number of our clients as we care about the quality, fashion tendencies, variety and unique of designs. Our feature and main aim is the capacity to satisfy all the inquiries of our clients. For this we do the following:

  • We control the quality of fabrics in every stage from manufacturing to loading;
  • We offer the best prices, the system of privilege and discounts for our permanent clients, we also offer the payment for cash and non-cash, on choice of our customer;
  • We individualize cooperation according to every our client;
  • We work out special offers for design-studious and private designers;
  • We offer a possibility for our clients to order any fabrics in any designs;
  • We use the wide warehouse capability and delivery system, that allow to dispatch our goods in any place in Russia.

Our specialists always visit the world textile exhibitions, that allow us to be well informed about new technologies and fashion tendencies. Due to these we offer novelties and the most actual colours and designs of coming season.

We are always ready for long-term and mutual co-operation. We think highly of every of our clients and proud of the fact, that the number of them constantly grows.

We will be very glad to see you as our partner.


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Компания "Елкотекс" входит в ведущие поставщики тканей. Основное направление деятельности компании - ткани оптом, ткани оптом со склада, ткани оптом в Москве, ткани со склада, ткани для спецодежды, продажа тканей, оптовая продажа тканей. У нас Вы всегда можете купить ткани оптом по приятным ценам.

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