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Attention! We are relocating!

26.07.2019 |
    ATTENTION! WE ARE RELOCATING!   From  the 01st of August 2019 we... Подробнее...

Outlet dress

13.02.2018 |
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Together in the New Year !!!

23.11.2017 |
  The new year is just around the corner! Hurry up... Подробнее...


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01.06.2017 |
  Attention!!! From 01th of June we are swithcing to Summer hours of... Подробнее...

Dear Clients!

27.12.2016 |
  We are sincerely want to congratulate You with coming holidays!May... Подробнее...

ATTENTION! The 47-th Federal wholesale TEXTILLEGPROM

08.09.2016 |
      Dear customers! The 47-th Federal wholesale TEXTILLEGPROM (from 20 to 23 September... Подробнее...

Wedding Fashion Moscow

14.01.2016 |
    Dear customers! Hosted the 28th international exhibition on the Wedding Textiles... Подробнее...


14.01.2016 |
.We are inviting you to come affound and visit ous... Подробнее...

45 Federal wholesale fair "TEXTILLEGPROM" !!!

01.09.2015 |
    Dear Customers!Hosted the 45th FEDERAL WHOLESALE FAIR "TEXTILLEGPROM" from 22... Подробнее...


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Fabrics wholesale from our warehouse

Fabric supplier company Elkoteks offers its customers a fabric warehouse and under the order.

The range of fabric Warehouse

The range of fabrics in stock is constantly updated and meets the modern requirements of quality and fashion trends. A variety of textures, styles, colors fabrics in stock suitable for sewing various products. Customers order fabrics wholesale warehouse for the manufacture of casual wear, workwear, bags, tents.

We offer the textures and colors suitable for traditional and trendy textiles. Fabrics presented in the warehouse of his style, suitable for clothes of all ages.
We closely follow global trends of the textile market and every week added to its portfolio with the new fabric for wholesale


In our warehouse you can buy fabrics by the gross the following types:

  • dress fabric

  • wedding fabric
  • blouse fabric
  • suiting
  • fabric for sports wear
  • jackets and raincoat fabric
  • fabrics for clothing, including fabric for medical clothes
  • camouflage fabric
  • backpack and bag fabric
  • awning fabric

The benefits of buying fabrics from Warehouse

Fabric warehouse sold in quantity from the same roll. The average length of the roll is 20-25 meters. Standard roll width of 1.3-1.5 meters. Purchase fabric from a warehouse in small batches allows for the trial sewing, also suitable for small enterprises.
Fabric warehouse is constantly updated, supplemented, overestimated. In addition, the fabric warehouse there are individual system of discounts and special promotions. The minimum wholesale price of cloth is 0.5$ per meter.

The location of our warehouse with fabrics

Ткани оптом - образцы в шоу-руме

Warehouse fabrics and our office is located in Moscow near the metro station Ryazansky Prospect. In the office, you can visit the showroom and see samples of the most popular fabrics being removed from storage.
Our managers will be happy to assist you in selecting fabrics and will advise on the purchase from the warehouse.


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