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Fabrics for medical uniform T/C Twill WR


The name of the fabric: T/C Twill WR
Article fabric: CNP-007, CNP-014
Group of fabric: fabric for medical uniform, fabric for workwear

Composition: polyester 65%, cotton 35%
Roll width: 150cm
The density of the fabric: 200g/square meter
Manufacturer: China
Colors: blue, green, purple etc. (10 colors)
The presence of the fabric in stock: Yes

Detailed description of fabric

Fabric for medical uniform T/C Twill  WR (twill woven) is a mixed fabric based on natural cotton. Cotton, which is part of the fabric ensures good breathability and durability, and the ease socks and pleasantness to the touch and to the body. Polyester fibers give the fabric greater strength, elasticity, dimensional stability and durability, and also lowers the percentage of creasing products of this tissue.
The fabric provides it with durability and comfort in use. The fabric is non-allergenic, hygienic, anti-static.
Fabric treated water-repellent. Due to the impregnation the fabric is easy to clean: does not absorb dirt and dries quickly. Also the fabric does not lose color, not to sit down after washings, not bilingues (not rolled).
Density of fabric 200g per square meter provides increased wearability including characteristics and dimensional stability. Colors range represented in 7 colors fabric.

The use of fabric

Fabric for medical uniform T/C Twill WR is suitable for sewing a wide range of medical textile products: medical gowns, medical suits, surgical suits, caps, trousers and shirts.
Water-repellent treatment of the fabric allows you to use these fabrics for tailoring of medical clothing surgeons, dentists, doctors, laboratory technicians and beauty salons.
In addition, these fabrics can be used for sewing, not only medical, but corporate clothing, clothing workers of services of public catering enterprises and food industry, employees of cosmetic companies, chemical laboratories, pharmacies, and others.

Fabric maintenance

Fabric for medical uniform T/C Twill WR is easy to operate and maintenance. Colored fabrics is not recommended to bleach. Term use medical clothes from this fabric is designed for increased amount of wash cycles. Fabric resistant to disinfection and sterilization. More detailed conditions of the care and washing of fabric for medical clothing is given to managers of the company.

Buy fabric wholesale in Moscow

Wholesale fabric supplier company Elkoteks sells fabric for medical clothing, both small and large wholesale. The minimum amount of bulk fabric is 1 roll.
The cost of the fabric for medical garments are published in the section Prices . Please note that is available on the website fabrics are only a small part of the range fabrics. A complete catalogue of fabrics and samples can be viewed at the company's office, located next to the warehouse in Moscow. Our experienced managers will gladly help you choose the right fabric and consult on their characteristics and properties. Buy fabric in bulk from a warehouse in Moscow or to order. The most popular fabrics from the warehouse described in the section fabric from warehouse and fabrics for medical uniform.


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