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Fabrics wholesale and cut

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  Our main activity is wholesale of fabrics. Wholesale already from 1... Подробнее...

Atlas stretch

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Atlas stretch is used for sewing: blouses skirts dresses (including wedding dresses) New delivery... Подробнее...


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NEW DELIVERY of EURO LINING for wedding dresses has arrived!   ... Подробнее...


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Attention! Our showroom has relocated!

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    WE HAS RELOCATED!   In 2019 we has relocated to a NEW... Подробнее...

Outlet dress

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Together in the New Year !!!

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  The new year is just around the corner! Hurry up... Подробнее...


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How much do you want to buy one cloth at a time?


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Fabric for medical uniform

Fabrics for sports wear are sold in both small and large wholesale. Terms of sale described in the section "Fabrics wholesale warehouse". We work with a variety of fabrics from a warehouse and under the order. Please note that the site provides only a portion of the tissue. In our office in Moscow You will find a wide range of fabrics for sportswear, leisure and tourism (hunting, fishing).

Fabric for medical clothing wholesale

Ткани для медицинской одежды

Leading supplier of fabrics company Elkoteks carries wholesale fabric for medical clothing from a warehouse in Moscow and under the order. We supply fabric suitable for sewing high-quality and comfortable medical garments. Customers often bought fabric to sew the next medical apparel:

  • medical gowns
  • medical costumes
  • surgical costumes
  • medical pants
  • medical aprons
  • medical caps
  • medical mask
  • medical clothing for ambulance staff.

A variety of colors and fabric textures presented in stock will enable you to create not just medical clothing, stylish, elegant and high-quality textile product. But to sew especially durable medical clothes available blended wear-resistant, non-staining, water-repellent fabric.

Fabric for medical clothing warehouse

With some of the most frequently ordered from warehouse fabrics for tailoring of medical clothing can be found in the table below.

ArticleName of the fabricCompositionWidth (sm)
Ткани для медицинской одежды 208 CNP-008 T/C 208 WR (водоотталк. пропитка; для медиц. одежды) пэ 65%, хлопок35% 150
Ткани для медицинской одежды 208 CNP-014 T/C Твил пэ 65%, хлопок35% 150
Ткани для медицинской одежды 208 CNP-023 T/C 208T WR пэ 65%, хлопок35% 150

CNP-008 - Shirting fabric, plain weave, water-repellent, density 120g/sq meter, consisting of 35 % cotton, 65% polyester. Read more...

CNP-014 - Shirting fabric, twill weave, water-repellent, density 200g/square meter, the composition 35% cotton, 65% polyester. Read more...

CNP-023 - Shirting fabric, plain weave, water-repellent, density 120g/sq meter, consisting of 35 % cotton, 65% polyester. Read more...

Please note that the table presents only a small part of the proposed range of fabrics for tailoring of medical clothing. With a full range of fabrics for medical clothes you can find in our office in Moscow.

Fabric wholesale in Moscow

Fabric warehouse you can buy large or small quantities. The conditions under which it is possible to buy fabric warehouse, wholesale described in the section of the site fabrics wholesale Warehouse.

you can buy not only on stock but on order. Specify the details at managers of the company.
Prices on fabrics for medical garments and other fabrics from a warehouse in Moscow placed in the section Prices.


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