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Jackets fabric Dewspo (Дюспо)


The name of the fabric: P/Dewspo PU Visible, P/Dewspo 50d/72 cire 2 times P/Dewspo 300D PU Milky, P/Ray Dewspo PU Milky, P/320D Dewspo PU Milky WR, P/DEWSPO WR CIRE, P/Dewspo 50D-72F PD WR
The fabric article: CNN-003, ELN-069(225), JVN-001, ELN-090, JNN-133, CNN-022, JVN-115, CNN-005
Group of fabrics: jackets fabric ,raincoat fabric, sports fabric

Composition: 100% polyester
Roll width: 150cm
The density of the fabric:
Color: wide range
The presence of the fabric in stock: Yes

Detailed description of fabric

Dewspo (Дюспо) - is a modern lightweight fabrics made of synthetic polyamide fibres plain weave. The popularity of these tissues is directly related to their properties. First of all it is pleasant to the touch, soft texture. Secondly, the ease of cloth, allowing to realize the most different ideas of fashion designers. Thirdly, windproof, air exchange and water-repellent qualities of the material. Thus, the final product of this dense fabric is not blown, do not absorb moisture and are breathable. The fabrics have good wearability and easy care. They are resistant to repeated bending and can be applied in the manufacture of products with a complex cut.
Fabrics are produced in different versions depending on the applied impregnation: WR, PU Milky or PU (Visible), Ray, Cire. The surface of the fabric can be matte, glossy, pearlescent or velvety raised texture, etc. of the Cloth is of different densities.
The color scheme of the fabrics Dyuspo quite wide, also in this series are cloth with a pattern.

The types of jackets fabrics Dewspo and their designations

The company Elkoteks presents different types of tissue Dewspo series. The most popular kinds are presented in the following table:

Name of the fabricArticle
P/Dewspo PU Visible CNN-003
P/Dewspo 50D-72F PD WR CNN-005
P/ Dewspo WR Cire JVN-115
P/320D Dewspo WR PU Milky CNN-022

The basis of all tissues Dewspo series, polyamide fiber blackout plain weave, treated with different formulations – treatment, giving them a particular property. For example, the water-repellent and dirt-repellent impregnation, poteryashina impregnation, impregnation pearlescent. Depending on the type of impregnation and different lettering in the name of the fabric.
Sign PU denotes what fabric trimmed with a thin colorless polyurethane finish on the reverse side. The impregnation is resistant not only to moisture but to most organic solvents, fat and sweat. The thickness of the impregnation affects the resistance of tissues and the degree of its stiffness.

WR –as water repellent impregnation.
Impregnation Milky (Visible) white color can be applied on both front and on the wrong side of the fabric. Its mission is to increase the brightness of the colors and reducing the degree of transparency of the fabric. That is, the processing of the fabric is worse than receiving light. Impregnation is also used as bohodarivka funds. Please note that this impregnation is mostly waterproof.
PRT – indicate the pattern on the fabric, most often for sewing children's clothing.
Ray Dewspo (ray) is a lightweight fabric (85 g/m2) pearlescent. Impregnation gives the final product a distinctive style.

Cire Dewspo (Sira) is a fabric with a shiny, glossy surface, processed by special impregnations. These fabrics are most often used for sewing women's and children's clothing.

The use of fabric

Dewspo fabric (Дюспо) can be used for sewing a wide range of products. As the top of the main material they will be invaluable when sewing for winter and demi-season coats, raincoats, sports jackets, outerwear, sports (e.g., ski) suits, overalls, vests and other clothing for sports, outdoor activities and everyday wear. Are also used to create comfortable, functional and modern corporate and workwear. Suitable for sewing clothing sets: jacket, pants, headpiece, gloves.
This versatile material in different shades and colors suitable for the manufacture of women's, men's or children's outerwear. Due to the soft texture and lightness of this clothing looks modern and aesthetically pleasing.
A separate direction - sewing the top of the walking clothes for Pets.

Fabric maintenance

Series fabric Dewspo (Dyuspo) easy to care for and do not require special skills and procedures. Allowed hand wash or machine wash (40 degrees). Bleaching, dry-cleaning and solvents and chlorine affect the fabric negatively (destroying the protective impregnation), is therefore prohibited. Ironing temperature up to 150 degrees. Not recommended for machine drying and spin at high speeds. The material itself is pretty fast drying.
Please note that the withdrawal of the final products depends not only on the data of the fabrics, but used lining materials and accessories. More detailed terms of care, contact our managers.

Buy fabric wholesale in Moscow

Jackets fabric Dewspo series are available from stock or to order. Our company Elkoteks can sell buy fabric wholesale and under the order. More samples of the fabric you can see in the office-show room of the company. Our office and warehouse are located in Moscow, close to each other. We also offer other dress fabrics fabric wholesale in Moscow. Terms of delivery fabric wholesale ask the managers of the company.



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