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Membrane fabric for medical uniform


Modern fabrics for medical clothes high tensile strength and resistance to aggressive environmental influences made factory by using the two most common technologies. The first method is the impregnation of the fabric spetsrastvorami, the second is applied to the surface of the fabric a thin membrane layer. Thus obtained tissue called a membrane. They are the subject of this article.

Fabric for medical clothes

Fabric for medical clothing designed for workwear for medical workers, laboratories, pharmacies and beauty salons, as well as employees of dental clinics and outpatient clinics of various profiles. Most often it is blended fabrics containing natural and synthetic fibers that can withstand frequent washing and active mode use. Such fabrics for clothing are supplied to the textile market of Moscow in bulk, that is, they can only buy small or large wholesale.

The color palette of fabrics for medical garments virtually unlimited, as custom you can buy fabric in a variety of colors. However, the most popular are fabric in white, blue, green and purple colors. Fabrics of these colors are available in stock almost any wholesale supplier.

The principal requirements for fabrics for medical garments are their physical properties: crease-resistance, dimensional stability, repulsion of water or other contaminants, easy stain removal, antistatic, antibacterial. On the other hand fabric for medical clothing should be comfortable, ergonomic, pleasant to the body and touch.

Fabric for medical clothing, is a special group of fabrics produced in several cycles. The first step is the fabric for medical garments twill or plain weave, and then its surface is processed by special equipment and acquires the desired properties. You can find fabric with water-repellent, krovoottalkivayuschie, refractory properties, as well as fabric for medical clothing resistant to acids, alkalis and microorganisms.

Most often in the textile market there are fabrics for medical garments with water repellent treated hydro solutions – this fabric is easy and fast to buy from stock at a low price. Membrane fabric for medical clothing and fabric, resistant to microorganisms and alkalis, supplied to order and wholesale only.

Fabric for medical clothing membrane

Membrane fabrics have become a very popular and modern fabrics. Such fabrics are used for sewing medical clothes, but also for making jackets, suits, mantle, bag and tent fabrics. Membrane fabrics have high performance of waterproofing fabric and breathability. The uniqueness of the fabric lies in the fact that the moisture evaporates in the form of individual molecules from the surface of the body, penetrates through the fabric to the outside, and liquid falling on the outer layer of the fabric, it is not absorbed. For example, water trapped on the surface membrane of fabric, rolled into balls on its surface.

Note that the fabric for medical garments of this type in environmental performance is superior to that of fabric treated with water-repellent. As the fabric is not subjected to impregnation with chemical substances. After all, impregnation is a kind of emulsion-based solvents, waxes, polymers or other waterproofing substances.

On the other hand membrane fabric for medical clothing at cost and the price/quality depending on manufacturer's inferior to traditional water-repellent fabrics


Methods of obtaining membrane fabric for medical clothes

The so-called membrane applied to the fabric for medical garments in a variety of ways depending on the manufacturer. Thus, in fact, different membrane fabric, as each fabric manufacturer uses a special patented technology. Often these technologies have in their names the ending – tex, which indicate the membrane on the surface of the fabric.

Here's some features of a membrane fabric for medical clothing. First of all, speaking about the environmental friendliness of fabric, note that this term is relative, since the tissues are still exposed to some treatment and covered with synthetic substances.

For example, one way of obtaining membranes is applying to the fabric a thin layer of Teflon. A film of this polymer is stretched before the formation of the structure of fine pores, and then fixed on the surface of the fabric. In Russia, the Teflon is called PTFE. It is a transparent substance, part of the group of plastics. The uniqueness of Teflon is that it has a very low surface tension, due to which is not wetted by water, fats and most organic solvents. In addition, it is not destroyed under the influence of alkalis, acids. Fabric covered with Teflon, breathable, but do not miss the wind, so they are also used for sewing jackets, awnings and tents.

Another method of producing the described fabrics is the coating on the fabric membrane is made of polypropylene. Note that this technology isn't only produced fabric for medical clothing and recreation, but also the construction of the membrane film for hydro and wind insulation.

Membrane fabric wholesale in Moscow

Membrane fabric for medical garments and not only can buy wholesale in Moscow. One of the leading suppliers of tissue is Elkoteks. fabric wholesale in Moscow are sold from a warehouse and under the order.

Water-repellent fabric for medical clothing in the warehouse is represented in different colours. The most popular fabrics you can see fabric for medical uniform or section fabric for workwear.

Membrane fabric for medical clothing are available on request. Managers will be happy to help you make the right choice of fabric – a wide range of fabrics, competitive prices, high quality and consistent range of modern tendencies of textile market allow us to meet any requests of our customers.

Fabric samples in warehouse, can be found in the company's office in Moscow. Conditions of purchase and delivery of fabrics from warehouse and to order, please specify at managers of the company. The cost of some textile samples are presented in the section of the website Prices.


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