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Home Articles Impregnation of the fabric for medical garments special solutions

Impregnation of the fabric for medical garments special solutions

Fabrics for medical garments are significantly different from the traditional fabrics of casual wear. They belong to the group of fabrics for workwear. These tissues increased demands. Fabric for medical clothing should be durable and resistant to liquids and other substances.

Fabric for medical uniform

Modern fabrics for medical garments, most often made from blends of natural and synthetic fibers. The type of weave it can be as tilove and linen fabric. Cotton fabric for medical clothing are becoming less and less common because of the obvious disadvantages.

Blended fabric for medical clothing in addition are treated with a special impregnation – substances that increase the resistance of tissues to adverse effects. Depending on the conditions of use of the medical garment fabric can be processed in a variety of impregnation. Most often medical tissues misleading the properties of water repellency. For clothing, the surgeon – fabric processed by impregnation,giving the the blood to soak in . Medical clothes of the workers of the laboratories are sewed from a fabric, treated with preventing multiplication of germs, fungi, bacteria and not giving acids and alkalis corrode the fabric.

Impregnation of the fabric for medical garments

Modern textile market presents a variety of chemicals and solutions for the treatment of tissue. Fabrics are often treated with a protective impregnation. Such impregnation can be applied to natural, synthetic, membrane and blended fabrics.

Protective impregnation are covered fabrics for medical uniform, fabrics for workwear, fabrics for sewing awnings, tents, and jackets, bags and other outerwear. Fabrics for sportswear and clothes for outdoor activities, fabrics for wind-proof suits, canvas fabric, fabric for shoes, and even fabric to sew blankets special protective solutions.

There are different types of impregnation treatment for fabrics for medical garments. This waterproofing emulsion, antistatic solutions, antibacterial impregnation of the fabric for biosecurity.

The hydraulic protection fabrics for medical clothes

Solutions for waterproofing cloth are the emulsions most often water-based with the addition of polymer wax with a high concentration of paraffins, is characterized by a low coefficient of surface tension. There are also impregnation on the basis of resins, solvents, silicones, and various polymers.

Fabric for medical clothing with water-repellent properties is made at the factory on special equipment. When this dry fabric surface is wetted with liquid emulsion. The evaporation of the liquid base of the emulsion on the surface fibers of the fabric there is a protective layer of water-repellent substances that reduce the degree of the attraction and absorption of water molecules. As a result, the surface of the fabric water is rolled into balls and not absorbed into the fabric. Note that the water-repellent layer of fabric at a time can wear out and lose its waterproofing properties. Thus, high-quality fabric for medical apparel, made by factory way has a long shelf life. The shelf life of products made of special fabrics for medical garments often determined not by calendar date, and the number of wash cycles.

In principle can be impregnated with protective substances clothing, synthetic and natural fabrics and based on them the creation of a fabric for medical clothing with the required properties. Such fabrics for medical garments are made to order and are of high cost.
Fabric for medical clothing and fabric treated with water-repellent, abbreviated DWR (Durable Water Repellent). This designation is also indicated on the label of clothing made from this fabric.

Fabric for medical clothing from a warehouse in Moscow

Fabric for medical clothing with repellent you can buy from a warehouse in Moscow from the largest wholesale supplier of fabrics – company Elkoteks. fabric wholesale released both large and small wholesale. Conditions of cooperation and supply ask the managers of the company.

Fabrics wholesale in Moscow sold not only for sewing medical clothes, but also for clothing, clothing for outdoor activities, sewing tents and awnings, bags and backpacks. With a full catalog of a fabric warehouse can be found in the company's office Elkoteks in Moscow. The most popular fabric is presented in section fabric wholesale.


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